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The path to improved health and better quality of life
is written in our genes.

Genetic analysis enables a review of specific genes within the DNA molecule. It is performed once in your lifetime and helps you gather crucial information about your predisposition to develop certain diseases and about nutrition tailored to your genes. Genetic analysis is a step towards knowing how your body actually works.

Raise your well-being and health with nutrition and lifestyle tailored to your genes.

You can choose between two different types of genetic analysis. The “HEALTH genetic analysis” explores your risk of developing certain diseases; the “NUTRITION genetic analysis” provides you with personalized information about the right nutrition and lifestyle tailored to your genes.

DNA analysis is a tool that has the potential to revolutionize the medical sector, improve health condition of each individual and consequently the whole society, if it becomes a standard practice in health care systems.  Genes are a script of one’s health story, which is revealed through DNA analysis results that tell us how to protect and nourish the body in order to work on preventive rather than future curative.

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